This is where racing warriors create themselves and where the first seed is planted. Karting offers an incredible experience for kids & adults, revving those engines to the front of the line. Not only do our staff and instructors take every aspect of safety into consideration, they guide and closely supervise the youngsters, equipping them with the latest karting gear. Guaranteed to provide an enjoyable ride, our karts have built-in safety features, so that you can sit back and enjoy watching your budding drivers in a controlled environment. Young drivers often come out of this experience pumped with confidence and eager to step up the game to the next level. With consistent practice, karting can teach long-lasting lessons of responsibility, focus skills and give a sense of freedom like no other while making new friends on the track. Enjoy a unique racing experience in modern indoor and outdoor tracks, equipped with cutting edge karts maintained to the highest performance levels of safety. Our karts are manufactured by Sodi Kart that feature a comfortable upright driving position, high performance handling, and are powered by Honda engines.

Monitor your scoring live on our high-tech SMS Timing Software and receive a print out of your precise lap finish times at the end of the session.

Health and safety procedures are carefully engineered and implemented throughout the facility to guarantee a suitable environment for drivers ages 5 and up.

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